International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) 60th Anniversary Webinar with Wellspect®

ISCoS – 60 years and growing: Reflecting on the past – Planning for the future

Welcome to the 2nd collaborative episode of our webinar series, SCI Care: What really matters between the International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) and Wellspect®, ‘ISCoS – 60 years and growing: Reflecting on the past – Planning for the future.’

In this webinar episode, current ISCoS President, Prof Ruth Marshall and ISCoS immediate past President Dr Harvinder Chhabra are joined by two guests from Wellspect® Jan Hörling, Vice President Marketing, Maria Lundback, Head of Corporate Marketing Communications. Together, they discuss the progression of SCI care globally, the milestones reached in the past 60 years, and what the seventh decade holds for ISCoS, their partners, and the people they treat with a spinal cord injury.

Marking the 60th Anniversary of ISCoS, our panel of experts will reflect on the past six decades, discussing significant achievements, the challenges that remain, and the plans for the future and priorities for ISCoS in the coming years.

We invite you to tune in as we discuss the importance of relationship development, partnership and collaboration in helping ISCoS realise its continued vision “To facilitate healthy and inclusive lives for people with spinal cord injury or dysfunction globally.”

We are delighted that we have been able to partner with Wellspect to help deliver our webinar and podcast series. You can use the following link to learn more about how Wellspect support people living with bladder dysfunction after spinal cord injury.