Located on Vancouver’s waterfront with a dramatic mountain backdrop, the award-winning Vancouver Convention Centre offers one of the most beautiful settings in the world and convenient access to all the major visitor amenities in the downtown core. As British Columbia’s flagship convention centre, the facility hosts more than 500 events and welcomes hundreds of thousands of attendees each year, while generating significant economic activity for the province.


The Vancouver Convention Center is designed to provide an accessible environment, with open spaces, ramps and elevators throughout to create easy access for guests using wheelchairs, other mobility devices and strollers.

Apart from having accessible stalls and amenities in the restrooms, the facility is also home to 16 inclusive restrooms for guests. These private spaces include an infant changing station and are wheelchair accessible. A comfortable nursing room with infant changing stations can also be found in each of the buildings, providing additional convenience and privacy.


Security personnel are trained as first responders in fire/safety and first aid emergencies including the use of on-site defibrillators, and there is a fully equipped first aid room in each of the buildings. The facility complies with all federal, provincial and local regulations and laws governing accessibility and the rights of persons with disabilities.

*Images, videos and copywriting provided by Tourism Vancouver.

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