Psychosocial Special Interest Group Preconference
Pillars of Wellness to Support Psychological Health

15th September 2022


Psychological wellbeing, and conversely distress, after spinal cord injury are multifaceted with a range of psychosocial pillars enabling long term adjustment.

This interactive workshop is recommended for anyone with an interest in psychosocial issues including clinicians, people with lived experience, and researchers.  It is not solely aimed at psychologists, peer counselors, or social workers, as a central tenet of the day is that psychosocial wellbeing is integral to a person’s responsiveness in acute, rehabilitation and lifelong management of SCI so needs consideration by all.

Current evidence across a range of pillars known to impact on wellbeing will be presented, including patient-centred care, emotional wellbeing and screening, peer support, caregivers needs, self management, psychosexual health, physical activity, substance use and pain management.

It will develop knowledge and skills for people working in spinal cord injury with a range of experience in this area and will include sharing recently developed resources. Understanding of the biopsychosocial model is recommended but no other prior knowledge is required.

This event will be in person, include live virtual access and be recorded for demand viewing after the event.

The registration fee for this event is as follow:

In-person attendance $CAD 120,- (ex 5% GST)

Virtual attendance £75,- (ex 20% VAT)

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Dr Jane Duff Psychosocial SIG Chair

Dr Jane Duff, Psychosocial SIG Chair

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